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Fataksila-08, Sindhupalchok,
Head Office

Corporate Office


Branch Offices

Branch office Fatakshila
Fatakshila-08, Sindhupalchok
01- 6201775
Branch Office Betrawati
Uttargaya-05, Rasuwa
Branch Office Gyalthum
Helambu-05, Rasuwa
Branch Office Chautara
Chautara, Sangachokgadhii-05, Sindhupalchok
Branch Office Dhikure
Likhu-01, Dhikure, Nuwakot
Branch Office Jalbire
Balephi-01, Jalbire,Sindhupalchok
Branch Office Bhotechaur
Melamchi-01, Bhotechaur, Sindhupalchok
Branch Office Ratmate
Belkotgadhi-07, Ratmate, Nuwakot
Branch Office Syafrubeshi
Gosaikunda-05, Syafru, Rasuwa
Branch Office Tinpiple
Panchkhal-06, Tinpiple, Kavre
Branch Office Bhumlutar
Bhumlu-08, Kavre
Branch Office Kavrebhanjyang
Dhulikhel-09, Kavre Bhanjyang
Branch Office Mangaltar
Roshi-09, Mangaltar, Kavre
Branch Office Bhainsepati
Banepa-13, Bhainsepati, Kavre